Build Portable Wet Bar With Glass Doors

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Portable Wet Bar For Home

The wet bars turn any room into a party. These mini-kitchens have all the tools necessary to mix and serve the widest possible range of drinks. A portable wet bar needs at least a sink and countertop preparation. A mini refrigerator, wine cooler, dishwasher and ice added to the wet bar facilitate mixing drinks and clean up afterwards. These additions also require more space and increase the project cost.

Glass doors used around a wet bar must be made of tempered glass or safety for portable wet bar. This is a stronger glass that is less prone to break. If it should break, the entire piece of glass crumbles into small pieces instead of sharp shards. Glass doors can be transparent or snowfall but instead measures the carefully before ordering the doors to ensure you have the best fit.

An optional insurance on the glass doors keep the bottles out of the reach of children safely of portable wet bar. If you want to install glass doors to cabinets on your wet bar, add list inside the cabinets at the bottom of each shelf to illuminate the shelf below. Leave the lights on to illuminate the inside of cabinets and attract attention to your attractive display of bottles.

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