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Style Great Home Bars

Those who love the night life of the big city and make the types “bohemian” will love the idea of ​​having great home bars. It ‘very easy to choose a corner of the house and mount your station to reproduce or create new classic drinks based on the time of year, the weather and the fruit and drinks available.

The bar is an ideal extension of the living room and kitchen and offers drinks most beloved of his family. So, choose a cool, near a window, to install the bar. Use a desk, a library, a coffee table and trays or trolleys.

Who wants to play in great home bars needs some basic kitchen utensils. Invest in vases, martini glasses, wine, beer, vodka, ice bucket, and other favorite drinks of the family. The decor of your bar is also important, so be sure to create an environment in accordance with their personality and their families and friends, with touches of elegance and relaxation.

Who would not give to have great home bars, but they have small children, an interesting alternative is to use a glass cabinet, glass doors with the key, to store delicate cups, glass and crystal, as well as beverage bottles.

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