Build An Above Ground Pool Deck

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Simple Above Ground Pool Deck

An above ground pool deck is a great way to turn your backyard pool in a place your friends and family can enjoy. The platform makes her more accessible pool and can add extra space for dining, grilling or just relaxing by the pool. You can create your own platform using the materials and steps to follow.

The first step in building an above ground pool deck is to score and install messages of support based on the platform of the project. Then, build the frame. The framework will consist of two squares of equal size composed of two pieces of wood nailed together 2×10.

After that, install decking. To install planking you will need the screw gun, circular saw, and platform screws. Cut each piece of care to make a 1×6 square cut so that when two pieces together, but they form a tight joint. Install planking with screws (2) of the platform for each beam.

The last step in building an above ground pool deck is install the rails. Installing the handrail for a pool deck above ground can be relatively easy if you use pre-assembled rails sections.

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