Build A Bookcase Contemporary Credenza

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Building a 4 feet long contemporary credenza from scratch with shelves under the books may lack the medieval and Renaissance charm, but can still provide decorative appeal and functionality complete its purpose in a room. Instructions for build a bookcase contemporary credenza. Cut three pieces of 1-inch by 12-inch boards 3 feet long with the compound miter saw. Draw horizontal lines on the brands through both boards. Drill two pilot holes through each line in the vertical joints.

Partly screw in the pilot only two boards 2-inch screws just to the tip of the screw to show the other side through holes. Cut April 2 feet long, 1×12 boards to the base and the top frame of the contemporary credenza with the compound miter saw.

Apply wood glue to both cut ends of the two side panels, and being on its longitudinal sides them. Measure and mark the center of the 4-foot boards. Apply wood glue to the dowel holes in each shelf and to the ends of each shelf. Stop the unit, and install the 1-inch by 16 inches, 4 feet long top dresser. Apply a generous amount of wood glue on top of the credenza frame, 1×16 boards and lay on top.

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