Best Fire Pit On Wood Deck Ideas

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Summer Fire Pit On Wood Deck

When making a fire pit on wood deck, fire safety should be a priority. Making stone fire pit can help reduce risk of fire, especially if a gas cooker kit is used. These kits come with fire ring propane as fuel and ceramic logs, which mean no ashes to dispose of or floating embers. When making a stone fire pit on a wooden deck, make sure deck can support weight of tank and has a high-voltage of 110 volts and a gas line plumbed through surface of cover in you want to place well.

Create grill racks on exterior walls. While rest of current level full brick bricks used, use half brick near each of corners of grid. In fire pit on wood deck, use a full brick (turned inward) to form four shelf supports. Bricks to build a level in top layer to stabilize brick shelf used as a shelf, Create additional shelves above walls of heights of alternating grill

Finish rack supports. Place at least two additional levels of brick beyond level of platform of final build fire pit on wood deck, finishing in a pattern of brick / brick. If mortar was used, let it dry according to package directions.

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