Bedroom Looks Beautiful By Applying Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

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Bedroom Shabby Chic Ideas

The shabby chic bedroom ideas are usually chosen by a woman because their feminine personality might be helpful. Generally a woman will not let her bedroom looks messy because there are curtains, bed sheets or bed cover that hung to the floor. However themed bedroom decor shabby chic does not like it, some cloth that hung around the floor of the bedroom instead becomes the hallmark of this bedroom decor. However, this bedroom decor remains attractive to most women because still can accentuate their feminine side and seemed to be able to provide a romantic and cozy atmosphere.

Characteristics Bedroom which Apply Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

To recognize a bedroom using decorating as above is not difficult, there are some things that are characteristic of this bedroom decor. The first, the color of paint used to decorate this bedroom using soft colors like white, gray and other soft colors. Second, the beds are used in general has a beautiful design, and carved so as to give the impression that there are feminine in the bedroom decor. The third bedroom is also decorated with various accessories that accentuate a woman’s femininity. And which is characterized in particular; this bedroom uses sheets, bedcovers and curtains that hung down to the floor.

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How to Apply Shabby Chic Bedroom

If you want your bedroom to use as decoration on the shabby chic look, you should prepare a few things to be applied in your bedroom. First choose a paint color that gentle but according to the characteristics that can make you feel comfortable when you’re there. Choose a bed or other furniture that looks beautiful and well decorated with beautiful carvings. After that, choose cute accessories to complement your decor created, but do not be too crowded because it can make the room seem cluttered. The latter is; choose a bed sheet and bedcover that dangle, and the color as well as pattern customized to your wishes, but choose one that is not too crowded.

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