Bed Tents For Kids Ideas

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Bed Tents For Kids Design Ideas

Bed tents for kids – On a rainy day or cold winter night, children love to play in a tent bed. Tucked safely inside the cozy confines of a tent bed, their children can pretend they are camping or hidden in a mysterious cave. Turn off lights and lanterns provide a few hours of fun for bed tent. Pick up some blankets or sheets and some supplies and make bed tents for kids ideas of these creative children. Store to bed spacious children, use PVC pipes of 1 inch for a sturdy frame. To make a PVC tube tent, start by measuring the length and width of the bed. Measure another imaginary line from the mattress to the desired height. You will have enough PVC pipe for two rectangular frames of four tubes and four tubes messages. Purchase PVC pipe (based on their actions amount), purple primer, PVC cement, March 8 way connectors (accessories) and a hand saw in a store home improvement.

To construct the store, designing parts that are needed to rectangular frames. Connect the four tubes using the accessories. To glue the PVC pipe and fittings together, Hammer Zone Web site instructs purple primer applied to one end of the PVC pipe. Allow the primer to dry, and then apply PVC cement to the pipe and fitting connector. Hammer area then indicates pushing the pipe into the connector, rotating the tube about a quarter turn. Hold together for about a minute. Repeat to make another rectangular frame. Glue the four posts on each corner of both frameworks. To complete the tent bed, cover the entire frame with one or two large blankets.

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You do not have time to invest in campaigning cot? If your children have bunk beds, you can easily make a bed tents for kids in less than a minute. Just hang sheets or blankets between the upper and lower berths. Secure putting sheets or blankets under the side steps of the bunks. Idea bed tent other children is easy to attach a large sheet or blanket to a wall. Push your child’s bed against the wall. Use pins to secure the sheet or blanket to the wall. Place the blanket or sheet around five or six feet above the bed plenty of room to play. Pull taut sheet or blanket on the bed and secure with pillows or tucking the ends under the mattress.

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