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Many homes have the living and dining together because, when serving food, is practical. Bar ideas for living room Place a bar between the kitchen and the dining room not only creates a visual and functional “bridge” between the two places, also changes the appearance of the area in general. Whether you want to replace a wall with a bar or used to divide a large and formless space, choose the option that fits.

Bar ideas for living room, cut a “window” on a wall separating the kitchen and dining room, ends the “cut” of the wall parts. Installs a bar hanging on the surface to cut horizontally and placed benches under the bar hanging on the dining side of the window. This method for separating a kitchen and dining area is particularly suitable if there is a wall between them does not want to completely remove.

Bar ideas for living room and Installs a bar with double function, with a bar for food preparation. This method is especially useful for kitchens were designed from scratch, or destroyed or remodeling. Place a bar independent in the space between the kitchen and the dining room if you have a large open area you want to split.

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