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Elegant Bar At Home

Bar at home – Doing it yourself allows you to be as creative as you want without the restrictions of plans of another person, and you might have fun building it. Depending on the wood you choose and the layout below, you can build a home bar relatively cheaply and within a weekend. A home bar should improve the room where you build. Depending on the tastes and budgets, use maple, oak, birch or cherry wood for the construction of the launch bar.

To build the box, you need eight feet standard 2 x 4 studs that are adhered together by glue joints back. Lap joints help ensure the corners together. Build the framework to create the shape of the bar at home. Use wood screws 1 1/2 inches to help protect joints back. The screws help create a robust and durable structure.

The top bar can be a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood cut to fit your design. You can have any home store supply timber cut for you at no extra charge. Use wooden nails to secure the plywood to the frame. If desired, place a drop under the bar at home counter. Attach this counter using overlapped and glue together. Be sure to leave enough height to place the bottles in the scroll bar.

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