Amish Contemporary Quilts

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Contemporary Quilts Plain Geometry

A quilt allows you to quickly cover the bed; you can also snuggle under in the days of cold or storm or show your good taste in bedding. Fabrics and contemporary styles maintain their own in the bedroom, often inspired colors and patterns in the rest of the decor. Choose contemporary quilts for a touch of color or ethnic art.

Contemporary quilts can borrow traditional designs of folk art treasures such as those at the Museum of American Folk Art. Amish rode seamstresses original and geometrically complex for their bedding patterns that are now valuable collection.

The designs are timeless, ranging from very plain; very orthodox “simple” quilts in two or three colors to the kaleidoscope of colors and intricate patterns sewn by the manufacturers of the most imaginative duvet. If you have an original, you might want to mount it on the wall. Copies of cotton are more practical for contemporary quilts wool used a century ago can be found.

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