A Womb Chair To Rest Like A Baby

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Womb Chair Design White Color

There are some best chair designs offered in the market for you, and you can consider well for having nice beautiful womb chair with its attractive color option. Amid the bustle of the day, the search continues for emails, messages electronically, meetings and incessant calls, do not you have ever wanted to hide in a comfortable place where nobody can find you? That’s the idea behind the new model womb chair, Hush, made ​​by the artist Freya Se well.

Womb chair or The Matrix is a round chair, similar to a capsule, made of recycled wool fibers, which can be manipulated to create a private place of rest and relaxation. This offers the opportunity to return to enjoy a space of comfort and protection, very similar to that experienced in the womb of the mother.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, the artist said, “With so many ways to connect, more than ever, we also need a way to escape.” Also through its website said, “The Matrix inspires very different feelings in each person, for me it is a warm and welcoming space for contemplation and relaxation … By creating an enclosed space, Hush offers a personal retreat , an escape to a dark, quiet, natural … “instead. Even when the womb chair is not yet for sale, it is expected to be rolled out commercially in the near future.

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