A Simple, Robust And Decorative For Childrens Table And Chairs

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Treditional Design Childrens Table And Chairs

What  task more palatable makes toys for children! Childrens table and chairs rockers, dollhouses, kitchens and other giblets goods outside the scope of the game and quickly become the beloved belongings of children. It is a circumstance for any Agricola radiant as their hobby can provide many hours of happiness to the kids in the family. Our reader Juana is a good example, continuously manufactures toys for her two children, boy and girl. We saw the funny cot that made ​​for small, and now he had to mediate in a bitter dispute: the two fought over the chair that his father had made ​​long ago for the child, so that there was only one way: to make another as for the girl chair. Our friend Juana choose a board with the appropriate dimensions, and, after drawing the parts that form the seat, starts to cut them with the jigsaw , particularly suitable tool for making cuts curved . The board has 20 mm thick, giving ample strength to the childrens table and chairs.

The four pieces of the childrens table and chairs cut and ready to assemble. Note that our friend has avoided in designing the peaks and angles that could cause injury to the children in case of shock. All the contour of the seat features soft curves, which also has more attractive aesthetic. The right angle mounting of two pieces that size generates a lever arm that could easily break the union. But, with two side supports, the assembly is perfectly firm and locked. Our friend has used glue and screws 10 cm to consolidate the assembly.

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We reached the stage of painting. After giving a bonding primer in white, Juana dry leaves, and then the sand thoroughly with fine grain. Chair can now be painted in the desired color; In this case, as it is for my baby, pink?  The squabbles in our friend’s house are finished! Now the little girl is happy with childrens table and chairs in exclusive design identical to that of his brother except in color. Dare to copy the idea, our friend Juana says it is a very simple task and have the success insured!

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