Wrought Iron Bakers Rack

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Wrought Iron Bakers Rack White

Wrought Iron Bakers Rackse rack wrought iron baker to fill an empty corner of the kitchen and a convenient storage option. Shelf wrought iron baker will give your kitchen a casual rustic feel. If you bought a rack of antiques because you liked the design, but is not sure what to do with it, improve it with plants, decorative items and cooking needs. If you enjoy cooking, keep close at hand grid and fill it with basics like mixing bowls and measuring cups



Wrap a green ivy vines around the top of the frame and let it hang down for a look inspired by the field. Weaves a false vine between curved frames of wrought iron grille. Accentuate shelves with terracotta pots full of green plants; be sure to place saucers under the pots to catch water drips. Baskets for wrought iron bakers rack storage.


Place one or two wrought iron bakers rack rectangular wicker baskets brown or white color on a shelf in the rack. Fill folded cloth napkins, dish extra cutlery, plates and additional paper jam and jelly jars baskets. Show a collection. Place the bottles of vintage wine offers interesting labels, decorating all top rack shelves. Sample antique porcelain plates in holders on a shelf.

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