Wet Bar Plans

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Home Wet Bar Design Ideas

A wet bar plans furniture is an area of ​​elegant home with many practical uses. Many people who want to install a wet bar plans with sink should know that it is an easy project for a weekend for people who are governed by the bases of “do-it-yourself”. Measure the space where the bar with sink unit will be built. It is important to ensure that there is enough space without making the room stay close. The bar will be about 42 inches tall and 8-12 inches wide, both on the client and the barman, depending on whether you have stools. You must have at least 2 feet of space behind the bar and in the space between the bar and the wall or cabinets. The cabinets take up extra especio and must be taken into account.

Draw a simple for furniture wet bar plans. This will help you visualize the space you have designated. Make sure you draw it with its dimensions on an appropriate scale and the way it will have. Use graph paper to scale easily and smoothly. Think about how you could bring electricity to the bar area. Wet bar furniture need electricity for lights and small appliances to be used, including a bar fridge.

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