Wall Mounted Mail Organizer

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Wall Mounted Mail Organizer Style

Wall mounted mail organizer help keep all your bills and letters neatly in one place. While desktop versions are available, using an electronic organizer wall mounted it allows you to remove the clutter of desks, drawers and counters without taking up space on top of your desk. Different styles of electronic organizers hanging require different techniques, but they are easy to install and start using.

Check to make sure all components are present by checking against the instructions that come with the wall mounted mail organizer, if your electronic organizer comes with a hardware kit. If the suspension component is no longer attached to the back of the organizer, hammer or screw gear hanging on the back of the organizer with nails or screws provided.

Decide where to hang the electronic wall mounted mail organizer. You must put in a place within easy reach, but out of the way. Use a pencil to mark the wall where you want to hang the organizer. Note that the top of the organizer will sit a little higher than attachments. Mark the places where you are going to nail or screw hook or other hardware to the wall. Use a level to ensure that the organizer will hang evenly. Nail or screw the hardware to the wall. Hook the organizer on the wall mounting

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