Vintage Contemporary Bunk Beds

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Modern Portable Contemporary Bunk Beds

Contemporary bunk beds – Vintage decor can be whimsical and romantic. Fill your bedroom with pieces that have a rich history and culture, but do not want your room look like a museum. It is easy to combine old and new with a contemporary vintage look. Modern colors and models with vintage accessories and decorative pieces are a great way to make your bedroom elegant vintage. And if you’re a smart shopper it is a style of decoration budget-friendly too.

Contemporary bunk beds, paint an accent wall a bright, modern color. This wall should be the main wall of the room, maybe your bed or the TV sits against. Use a purple or blue slate blackboard, a bright blue or green, or red. When choosing a color, note the elaborate detail of vintage pieces and try to imagine each color as a backdrop. Also, make sure the color is not so bold that will take away from the other elements of the room.

Contemporary bunk beds, mix and match furniture, buying some pieces with simple lines and colors and others with a more distinctive vintage look. For example, match a simple, modern headboard with nightstands antique or vintage looking or vintage desk or vanity. Make sure all parts use the same color scheme or palette.

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