Teak Shower Stool Ideas

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Unique Teak Shower Stool

Teak shower stool – A shower stool is a wonderful convenience to your bathroom. Long thought to be a tool for the elderly and disabled, many have lost the luxury and relaxation of a shower stool can afford. Built in your bathroom, banks are visually attractive and can give your bathroom a touch tub. Teak benches are beautiful and easy to install for anyone who would like to relax in a hot shower. For medical and security purposes, a shower stool can be bought and moved in and out of the tub as required to provide balance and safety.

Install a teak shower stool to your existing bathroom. A folding bench is bolted firmly to the surrounding walls or shower. An independent bank is a sturdy, hard plastic chair or stool that moves in and out of the tub, as needed.

Teak shower stool, move close to an elderly or disabled person bank shower. If you are in a wheelchair, use medical transition moves to safely transfer a person to chair the banking shower. Have person wrap her arms around his neck while lifting under his arm to the bench. Once you are seated, carefully lift your legs over the edge of the tub and gently slide towards the center of the bench.

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