Special Ideas Wine Cellar Doors

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Woodpark Wine Cellar Doors

Hi guys! This time we will speak about wine cellar doors. Even if you consider your basement or warehouse space more bored at home, door leading to it need not be. Often a forgotten element in interior, see it as an opportunity and dress up door to fit with rest of decor of your home. Your guests are expected to enter another world. Nobody has to know that everything is going to find boxes and cans.

During days of prohibition, basements and cellars were hiding more than food emergency. Install a speakeasy on your wine cellar doors to add a touch of time at home. They come in many colors and styles, from traditional black bars for silver carved. This idea works especially well if your basement is place to feast your home or keep your wine in cellar.

Adding exterior door entrance to your basement or cellar adds extra value and comfort to your home and is possible even if you do not have a walkout basement. Choose something more than just standard wine cellar doors leading under your home for extra personality. Other ideas include painting a mural on doors for an extra splash of color and visual interest.

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