Simple Diy Monogram Doormat Tips

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Simple Monogram Doormat

Improve your front door with this modern diy monogram doormat, or give it as a gift of incredible opening. To start creating a template by printing the cards you want. Make sure the letters are nice and large, about 5/9 “tall. Next cut letters with an exacto knife. When cutting, be careful to leave some of the centers of the letter attached to the template, or you’ll stick with care after. Place the cutting template on the mat in the correct position and tape in place. This template is placed in the lower right corner for a modern monogram doormat.

To start your tape stenciling template in place, and take your Paint Marker and color in the template. Although this project can be done with paint and fabric medium or spray paint, you receive much sharper letters with paint marker and not change the texture as a thick coat of paint and medium forces. Better yet, it’s cheaper to buy paint, and is easier to touch up sections of the template with the score of a brush. After the paint has dried, give a quick coat of spray paint protective coating and let the new monogram doormat to dry overnight before putting it out.

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