Pallet Coffee Table With Wooden Pallet

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Reclaimed Pallet Coffee Table

Think about very good decorative living room design including having pallet coffee table, they will be interesting in design which will be beautiful for its appearance.Today I’ll tell you how to make a pallet coffee table with wooden pallet. Let’s start with the material pallet coffee table; this will be what we need: A pallet, sander, a wooden boat primer, enamel, 4 legs or wheels, a glass pallet measures.

The first things we will do is make it very thin wood pallet with the sander, then give the primer. Depends on where we’re going to have our table will give primers with different Technical Characteristics, whether it is for an outdoor garden will apply synthetic exterior primer, if we put in our living room with a wood primer will.

We will leave the primer to dry, and once it is dry apply the glaze that we like, white, brown, black to me personally, the white I really like how it is, but that will depend on the furniture that we have around. Once the glaze has dried we will have to place the legs that we like. All we can do with wood pallet, or with legs of metal are wheels to move the pallet coffee table where we want simply in either case we must be screwed into the 4 ends pallet and will be ready.

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