Outdoor Portable Bar West Theme

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Outdoor Portable Bar Furniture

Create an outdoor portable bar to celebrate the Wild West and its noisy spirit is easily accomplished with the right decor and accents with a western theme. Besides cowboy hats, covered wagons, elk heads and rattlesnake’s rubber bar design can integrate games and other images of the Wild West. Purchase shaped tables and chairs whiskey barrels that reproduce the ingenuity of the barman who used them as spontaneous furnishings in the days of the taverns.

If these tables made from old whiskey barrels are too cumbersome or expensive, buy only two and place them prominently in the center of the outdoor portable bar on the outside instead. Buy long benches picnic style to reflect the cafes of former miners. In each of these picnic tables placed old railroad lanterns as centerpieces.

On the perimeter of the outdoor portable bar placed bales of hay where customers can sit; these makeshift seats are roomy, cheap and easy to move. An activity can arrange the bar is “find the needle in the haystack”; disarms several bales of hay and straw placed in a pile. He shoots multiple currencies with the logo of your bar on the stack and encourages customers to find in a haystack. Reward the winners with a free drink.

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