Moving Elderly Wheel Chair For Sleeper Chair

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Westney Twin Sleeper Chair

For unique and decorative room design, you can consider having sleeper chair that will be versatile for your own room design where you can sit and even sleep there. Caring for others requires the best of us. If you are tasked with caring and giving comfort to someone dependent on a wheelchair, his task is doubly desalinate.  Use goals in transferring an elderly a wheelchair to a sleeper chair are not hurt him even more and not suffer you to column distension, cramp, or a hernia.


Early planning is the key to caregivers;

1. Explain the elderly of their action steps and make sure he understands what you do first. Demonstrate if necessary.

2. Lock sleeper chair or the wheels of the wheelchair and bed (optional) .Grant that the chair is positioned parallel to the bed, face to become part of the bed where your feet or so at a 45 degree angle. The chair should also be close to the middle of the bed.

3. Fold the footrest. Remove the arm rest if possible. Ensure that the rail sleeper chair is lowered.

4. Have the old place the hand closer to the bed on top of the mattress with the other arm resting on the armrest of the chair ready for a push.

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5. Position yourself face to face with the elderly. Bend slightly and hold it in your waist.

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