Making Outdoor Window Shutters

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Outdoor Window Shutters

Outdoor window shutters – Exterior blinds shutters were originally used to protect the rain and wind penetrate the window openings. If you are a homeowner who lives in an area prone to hurricanes and want functional blinds that can be closed and locked to protect their windows, hire a professional. If, however, you want decorative shutters designed to dress the windows, it’s something you can do yourself with a few pine tables and some basic tools.

Measure the length of the outdoor window shutters (including the frame) on the outside. Cut six pieces of pine to each be 2 inches longer than the measure, using the miter saw. Cut the pine board 8 feet into six pieces with your miter saw, making each piece 11 1/2 inches long.

Outdoor window shutters, adjust the three long pieces cut out in a work area, parallel to each other, a half inch apart. Set one of the 11 pieces of 1/2-inch through the three together in the middle with both ends of the piece 11 1/2-inch aligned to the outer sides of the two outer plates. Wheel drive two screws 3/4-inch on the short side of the table at each intersection with long tables.

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