Making Interior Dutch Door

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DIY Interior Dutch Door

Interior dutch door – make a new and functional option for interior doors, as their defining characteristic is a separation into two door sections which operate independently when desired. Set of six 1-5 / 8-by-6-by-45-inch boards with his long, thin sides against each other in a rectangle of 36 by 50 inches. Set two 1/2-by-3-by-34-inch boards perpendicular to these boards, spaced evenly on top of them with their long sides together.

Drill two holes through each 24-inch board and each board 50 inches for a total of 24 holes, taking care to drill through the larger boards altogether. Place the boards with wood screws 2 inches of interior dutch door. Repeat this process for Jan. 6 5/8-by-6-by-35-inch boards and two 1/2-by-3-by-34-inch boards to create a panel of 36-by-30- inches.

Hold both panels against the interior dutch door frame using the help of assistants and place the larger over the smaller panel. Keep panels about 1/8 inch apart and the position of two hinged doors spaced evenly between the frame and each panel. Mark holes for fixing screws for each hinge. Drill holes in the door and the frame of each hinge. Attach the hinges to the door and frame with wood screws 1 1/2-inch. Place a door knob on the bottom panel of the door against the opposite edge of the door hinges.

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