Making Individual Sofa Cushion Covers

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Outdoor Sofa Cushion Covers

To maintain your sofa, you need to consider well to have sofa cushion covers, they will be very good also to add certain decor and accent to the room itself. The covers look more professional and costly when the cushions are covered in a single. Making sofa cushion covers is quite simple and can be done within a few hours.

Instructions of sofa cushion covers

  1. Open and remove the sofa cushion covers if the cover has a zipper. Be careful not to tear the fabric as you use the existing cover as a template.
  2. Iron the sleeve so that the seams are flat. Put it on the paper and trace the outline on it. Label the pieces of paper.
  3. Wash and iron the fabric with which you do the sleeve. The washing removes tissue and shrinks dimensioned so that the fabric does not shrink afterwards.
  4. Hold the paper pattern to the fabric with a pin and short sleeve pieces. If the boot had a zipper, use the old or the same size for the new zip cover.
  5. Sew the four side panels so as to form a large ring. A pin attached to the upper sides of the side seams to align with the corner pieces of the top piece part.
  6. Fold the pad in half and place it in the holster. Pull the corners of the cushion with your hands on the front to adjust to the corners of the case.
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