Installing Decks For Above Ground Pools

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Unique Decks For Above Ground Pools

The construction of decks for above ground pools construction is similar to one for a home. The difference is that, as above ground pools do not have the strength to support a platform, they are essentially independent, installed by the pool.

To install decks for above ground pools, you need to create a robust base for your deck. Cave below the frost line and pour concrete. You can build a framework for the concrete or buy prefabricated forms. The best option is to form the pillars wider at the bottom than at the top. Reinforce concrete vertically with steel parts to make it stronger.

The deck platform is the next step. Be sure to leave a little space between the boards for drainage. This is the place where you will have the option of using wood.

The ladder to the pool can be used with a wooden deck, removing the part fixed to the pool, attaching the ladder to the pool deck, allowing swimmers up and down in the pool. At the other end of the decks for above ground pools, you can build stairs or attach to an existing platform near the house, or both.

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