Installation Pocket Door Lock

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Pocket Door Lock Interior

Pocket doors make great space savers as open into the wall. This allows the placement of furniture next to the door on both sides of the wall. By installing a pocket door lock, these doors can provide privacy in bathrooms and other areas with limited wall space. Check the door for cutting. Use the supplied template as a guide. Measure the distance from the floor to the center of the other door locks, and use this to place the template. Cut the door.

Install the pocket door lock. The locks are designed to lock gut feel in the groove created in step 2 and the edges of the lock flange are sitting on the side of the door. Slide the lock in place. Check the doorpost of the closing plate.

With the lock installed, close the pocket door lock almost completely. Turn the lever on the side of the locking body to activate the locking lever, and mark where contact with the doorjamb. Use a chisel to mortise the latch plate. Start by cutting the deepest contour in the jamb with the knife. Then use the chisel to remove wood in between the contour to a depth of 1/8 inch. Install the closure plate.

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