Install Bypass Door Hardware For Shower

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Frameless Bypass Door Hardware

Bypass door hardware – Installing a shower door assembly in its tub bypass adds a cabin more efficiently than a curtain and the traditional bar, offering superior containment water shower. Available in clear or darkened glass, finished with typical frame white, bronze and silver aluminum shower door bypass can add a much more attractive and elegant for the bathroom look. Remove any film or dirt from the surface of the tiles and bathtub ledge using a standard cleaning product.

Measure the width of the opening of shower in the edge surface of the tub. Transfer this dimension in the lower track section of the bypass door hardware. Smooth rough edges of the cut with a metal file. Use a tape measure to check the track is an equal distance from the edge of the bathtub at both ends. Draw a pencil line on the hot surface aligned with the edge of the track position.

Turn over the lower track section for bypass door hardware. Apply a continuous bead of silicone sealant on both channels bottom of the track, building slightly greater than the depth of the track channels putty. Turn the lower track section on. Apply strips of tape on the section of track surface and the bath as necessary to keep track safely.

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