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5 Bottle Wooden Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Wall mount wine racks are awesome you should add for interesting room design where you can hang and and organize it well also to add more decorative design. The wine glasses are a part integrated to enjoy wine. While wine can be consumed by anything that holds liquid or straight from the bottle, the glasses have been investigated and developed to the smell and taste of the wine better. Make enough space in the kitchen cabinets to suit a lot of glasses can be a challenge, but fortunately many types of racks for glasses are available that can be mounted anywhere on walls, in closets, under shelves or ceiling.

Decide where to wall mount wine racks shelf and measure the space available to ensure that there is enough space to hang the cups. A minimum of 10 inches (25 cm) is recommended, but the height of the glass varies. Buy a frame for glasses that can be installed on the wall, cabinet or ceiling as needed. Read the instructions included with the glass shelf to familiarize yourself with the steps and make sure you provide all the tools and equipment needed.

Sets the wall mount wine racks, ceiling or under cabinet, as detailed in the instructions. Consider the weight of the rack and glassware to ensure that the mounting hardware is designed to support the weight.

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