Ideas For Wicker Chairs

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Wicker Chairs The Best Choice For Leisure

Wicker chairs are very good in look and its function as well, they will be very nice to decor in outdoor living area including bar or patio. Wicker is a set of natural materials used in the seats and backs of chairs and other furniture. Wicker chairs may consist of strips of bamboo, cane and plant materials woven fibers that are similar to a rough rope. Can be dyed, if these materials are found in natural conditions. If the wicker has been treated, sealed, finished, painted or otherwise altered, perhaps the dye is not absorbed by the fibers.

If you have wicker chairs and are not sure of its origin, it is a good idea to vacuum and wash the chair. Look across the wicker chair. If you notice that the chair has bright parts and opaque parts, perhaps ever was sealed. This can cause problems if you try to dye the seat because the sealed areas can block the dye and the completion of the chair will be irregular.

The dye behaves differently in each material. You may like the color on a piece of wood and cannot like another variety. To learn how the dye will remain on the wicker chair put upside down to find a discreet place like inside the chair rail. Put some dye in a cloth and pass on the wicker chairs. Let the dye sit five minutes, then wipe it.

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