Ideas For Mounting Tv Above Fireplace

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Small Mounting Tv Above Fireplace

Mounting tv above fireplace – Slide the plasma television in a box or cabinet if you want shade not too exposed. Select a wall unit that will not mind drilling a hole inside, and you’ll have to cover cables and cable television. Consult a fire inspector before installing the TV in the closet to make sure the chimney vent properly. Some homeowners add a self-closing device to ensure that television never stays in the closet when closed, which is a fire hazard.

By placing a mounting tv above fireplace, you have to lift your neck to see the screen if it is placed flat on the wall. To avoid tension in the neck, you can tilt the TV 12 to 14 cm to the outside wall. Tilt the TV also helps with ventilation. If you have a fireplace of stone, brick or marble, increase the contrast between old and new styles by adding the TV over the fireplace without changing the old-fashioned look.

Before mounting tv above fireplace, remodel the entire fireplace hearth and mantle to complement modern plasma screen. For example, above the mantle with a facade of old wood or wood-stain on a funky color. Above the fireplace, creating a television box to hide TV wires and cables.

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