How To Upholster A Kids Step Stool

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Betterfly Kids Step Stool Ideas

There are several ways to upholster a kids step stool, but if you want furniture that is also fun for children, look how cute are transformed into mushrooms or fungi. Do not you look fantastic? And besides, they are not hard to do, as you can see in the tutorial taoofcraft. Let’s see how to upholster a stool for children to form into a wild mushroom. Sure children will love it and you can make a great decoration for your room, the garden or the playroom.

Start with a new wooden stool or a stool that you have at home that want to decorate. If you use an old stool, you should sand it and paint it before starting to upholster, at least the part of the pins will be part of the wood visible. Put the red felt on the table, put the stool over and cut a rather wider than the fabric circle. Then cut out circles of white felt and sew them on red felt imitating a fungus or mushroom. If you have at home a sewing machine, perfect. If you cannot sew by hand with a rather neat sets.

The next step in kids step stool is to place the fabric upside down on the table, prop up the stool and putting on clips that grip the fabric to wood, only half of the circle of the base. Turn the stool, fill, turn it back flip and hold the fabric finishes in the bottom of the seat. Finally, paint the legs of the stool with brown paint. And so you’ve finished upholstered stool and you’ve made a nice mushroom for children to sit and play.

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It is children’s furniture kids step stool perfect for the garden and also to make a fun decoration for your bedroom. Want more ideas nursery decor? Look how to make boards for the children’s bedroom or more decorative craft ideas by clicking on these links. Have fun with your kids and make for them fun decorations and useful.

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