How To Paint An Oak Bookcase

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Pine Oak Bookcase

For you who love reading so much, having oak bookcase is very recommended and you can make it by yourself or at least paint it yourself. Painting permits you to effectively tweak the cabinet to fit into any room or finishing plan. Numerous various types of paint can be utilized to paint oak bookcase. Latex paint is not difficult to work with, dries rapidly and is water dissolve able, making cleanup a snap.


Apply fluid sander/deglosser to the shelf for every the maker’s headings. The deglosser makes it so you don’t have to sand the cabinet.

Apply first stage to the oak shelf. Utilize a paintbrush to get into the corners of the shelf. A froth paint roller can be utilized on whatever is left of the oak bookcase. Let the first stage dry totally.

Apply two to three slender covers of latex paint to the cabinet. Spread the primary zones of the bookshelf with the froth paint roller and the corners with the paintbrush. Let each one layer of paint dry before applying the following cover of paint.

Let the paint cure for two to three weeks. Permitting the oak bookcase to sit will let the paint cure totally before utilization. In the event that you utilize the bookshelf sooner, the paint may get scratched or demolished.

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