How To Make Child Bookshelf

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Nice Child Bookshelf

To build a castle themed child bookshelf back up your kids’ imagination as you explore the world through books. Cut the outline of the castle behind the racks and there are shelves under the two flanking towers. Libraries can be trimmed, but you–or your child–more likely, but painting a grey rectangular “cubes” on the back and the side will fit naturally. Instead of panel 3/4-by-12-by-36-inch parallel to each other so that they will stand on the edge of a narrow reinforcing, about ½ inch apart, 46.

The position of the three pieces of 3/4-in-12-of-46 1/2-inch between the shelves in the final panel–one in the top and bottom edges and one in the middle. Using wood screws, the screws flush trim to break through the outer end to the child bookshelf. Space screws evenly in 2-inch intervals. Instead of 3/4-by-48-inch-by-48 bar on the surface. 12-inch-high towers of the castle are based on two corners using a straightedge. Cut the two towers with a jigsaw puzzle. Cut the edges of the Panel sand, until they are completely smooth.

Place child bookshelf assembly on the desktop. Align the back panel so that it is with the outer edge of end panel and the bottom shelf with a tower on the top. Drive the screws into the wood paneling flush through the back side of the rear panel to the end panels and shelves with a screw gun. Space screws every three inches. Painting the library resembles the Palace of stone.

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