How To Install Above Ground Pool Decks

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Simple Above Ground Pool Decks

Above ground pool decks can be as gorgeous or as simple as you want. To allow access more secure, make a small platform by adding one side of the deck or around the pool with 360 degree decks. Each style requires a little different framework and design, and installation of deck surface is varying depending on the final look you prefer.

Directions to install above ground pool decks: construct two frames measuring 4 by 6 feet to rest on top of 4-by-4 platform supports. Screw decks for the frame. Cut the protruding edge of decks to fit. Build a platform section wedge-shaped to fit between the two previous sections.

Change the wide side of the wedge, to 42 inches for a pool of 18 feet wide and 35 cm for a pool of 24 feet in diameter. Make wedge 6 feet long. Screw decks across the wedge through the wedge. Trim to fit the frame.

Finally, to install above ground pool decks, attach the wedge section and rectangular sections in brackets 4-by-4, using carriage bolts to align the upper edge of the deck, with the edge of the pool.

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