How To Design Clerestory Windows

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Time was a residential nothing but a barn garage to house the family car. As such, it had all the appeal of an empty box with a concrete floor and a large bay door. Those days are past, though, and today new clerestory windows are designed to accommodate many more uses. With a little effort and imagination, his new garage can be an aesthetic space that your area of ​​life expands and makes a design statement.

Create storage spaces in every corner of the garage. Design of these spaces to extend from floor to ceiling and concealed by the doors clerestory windows. This will result in additional storage bonanza for home and garage clean-looking, too. Storage cabinets should have adjustable shelves. Vary the depth of storage spaces to accommodate bulky items.

Add to your garage windows to allow natural light into the space. If traditional windows create a security problem, install closer highest clerestory windows in the walls. Doing these operable windows for additional ventilation. Install drywall, trim and paint as carefully as in the interior of your home. Put curtains, paintings and other decorations in clerestory windows. It is not necessary that a garage should be a bare space utility.

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