How To Decorate Contemporary Fireplaces

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Contemporary Fireplace Screens Decor

Modern fireplaces come in many different colors, sizes and styles. Some may have no mantelpiece and are flush with the wall, while others have elegant fireplaces or odd shapes. The best way to decorate your contemporary fireplaces will depend largely on your fireplace and a special decoration. Mix styles if it complements your room.

Instructions to decorate contemporary fireplaces: paint the wall behind the fireplace a bold color like red or aqua. Hang artwork above the fireplace, either flush with the wall or not. If there is a fireplace mantel, consider propping artworks on the wall in a haphazard manner. A sleek flat-screen TV or mirror reflecting lines, size or style of the fireplace are other options.

Place candles or vases in front of, next to, or on the mantelpiece. Groups of three to five work best. Use different heights, widths and colors. Jars should be kept simple arrangements that complement the fireplace. Fill glass jars or simple vases with colorful fruits, stones or pearls. Contemporary sculptures are also an option.

View your collection of books on the shelves wardrobes around the fireplace. Install a shelf that reflects the design of the contemporary fireplaces and fill it with cut timber or a large vase.

Contemporary Fireplace Screens

Contemporary fireplace screens or warm, cozy focal point of room or black hole huge eyesore. Live burning fires pose a security risk and not used, dirty chimneys are, well, just plain ugly. Fireplace screens are a remedy for both situations. Various fuels are burned at different temperatures, some hotter than others. Any fireplace screen must comply with fire safety rules and prevent sparks flying around. Fortunately, there are many ideas of fireplace screen available to improve your fireplace if it is used or not.

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Contemporary fireplace screens come in one to five variations of panel. Screens can be customized further. Individual panels lay almost flush with fireplace opening, keeping flames and sparks contained. They may even be tilted a little to sit against unequal chimneys rock face. Individual panel displays occupy a minimum of space for feet. Multiple panel screens are traditional and robust. Displays four and five panels to accommodate large fireplaces. Panels can be glass, heat screens temperament or very detailed, metalwork

Fireplace curtains can be installed in almost any fireplace opening. Two metal rods are attached to sides of fireplace opening and a mounting bracket in between. Screen extends along a channel at top. Contemporary fireplace screens take up little space while protecting your home from sparks.

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