How To Decorate Ceiling Mount Curtain Rods

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New Ceiling Mount Curtain Rods Ideas

Ceiling mount curtain rods are functional, but they are not always in fashion. They may seem out of place if you have a decorative curtain rod and soda to secure. Decorate the curtain rod is a simple task, but bear in mind its stability. This is especially true for curtain rods mounted on the ceiling. If your decorations cause problems with roof supports, you could end up with a huge hole in its roof. Take the weight limitations of your curtain rod in mind when decorating.

Buy new hardware for ceiling mount curtain rods. You can buy replacement hardware decorative cast iron or wood to help the attractive curtain bar. Place your curtain rods on a canvas and go over them with a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes a fresh coat of spray paint is sufficient to pull the bars out of the routine of style. Let the rods to dry completely before doing anything else with them.

Switch to curtains hanging bar, either by fabric loops or clips. They must leave a space between the body and the actual ceiling mount curtain rods. Pull one side of the wreath so the excess curtain hangs equally on each side. Wrap the flexible metal tip of fake flowers around the rod too.

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