How To Choose The Right Deck Stain Colors

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Wood Deck Stain Colors

Deck stain colors – Platform choice of spot color is critical because stain soaks into the wood, making it difficult to change your mind and choose a different color later.

toRemember to apply several layers of sealant to your deck after spotting. The sealant will protect the wood of the time, keeping your deck with beautiful view for many years and reducing the amount of maintenance and touch-ups.

Directions how to choose the right deck stain colors

1. Narrow your options stain based on the color of your home and the type of wood used in its platform. Yellow cedar often looks better with blonde or light stain, while red cedar looks good with any clear or light cherry stain.

2. Choose medium-dark stains, if you live in a wooded area where debris will be falling from trees throughout the fall and winter.

3. Try with each sample color, checking again in sunlight and shadow, until you find the one you prefer.

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