How To Build A Floating Deck On The Lawn

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Best Floating Deck

A floating deck is a type of deck that goes over the earth. You do not have to dig large holes, place concrete foundations, buried poles or adjust beams. Wooden beams are directly on concrete pillars, with cover bolts directly to the joists. Use treated wood 5 per 15 cm thick allows you to use only one type of wood for both beams to cover. The elimination of steps and materials floating deck saves time and money.

The blocks of cement pillars should be set in six rows, with three blocks each. Rows should be 73 cm apart (center to center) and the blocks must be in row 1.5 m apart (center to center). A beam placed 5 by 15 cm in the first and last rows. Each beam should extend 30.48 cm forward of the center of each end of concrete slab floating deck.

Leveling first and last row. Rises when necessary with wood pieces 10 by 10 cm cut to size. Pieces 4 by 4 inches will fit perfectly into the groove of the precut beam. Complete the square frame joining tables ends with two screws each. Place the remaining pillars and beams raise them when necessary.

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