How Do You Contemporary Valances

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Contemporary Valances Design

Borders are placed on top of the curtains, and usually hang from a few centimeters to a few meters. Use a single tissue in order to keep them fresh and contemporary. You can even update their old curtains with a chic and easy sewing border. There is a bit of sewing involved in order to do this, but this is a very simple project that even the beginning sewer can do. Instructions for contemporary valances.

Measure the curtain rod you will hang the contemporary valances. Determine how long you want your border be. Consider setting will add a few centimeters more. Use about eight to 12 inches for a standard size count. Add two inches for a seam and add about five centimeters from the top of the border.

Cut two pieces of fabric and two main molding pieces. Take a large piece of fabric and cut a piece of fabric lining. Place the two sets of fabrics placed one above the other and are sure you are perfectly aligned on the bottoms. Sew the tissues where it is immobilized. Turn the fabric with the “side show” out. Turn the fabric inside out and sew where you just set contemporary valances.

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