Homemade Mini Bar For Sale

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Nice Mini Bar For Sale

A home bar is a project craftsmanship typical for the homeowner. This gives a place to mix and enjoy drinks with friends. If you are considering a mini bar for sale next project craft, you’re probably wondering what size you should use. Most bars are 1.07 m high. This is a standard height used in restaurants, hotels and nightclubs bars. The height is such that a stool standard can be used with the top bar. The extra height allows placing a stool with high foothold. It will also give enough space to store bottles and glasses in the bar area. It is important to know that the total height of 1.07 m high including the top table, so the base will have a real 1.02 m, if the counter is 08 cm high.

The rod surface can be of any width, but typically ranges from 50.08 to 76.2 cm wide. Your dimensions vary depending on the space you have in your home. Furthermore, the overhang on each side of the bar should be around between 25.4 to 30.48 cm in the client side. This gives enough space to sit comfortably against the mini bar for sale. The outgoing side bartender not needs this depth.

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