Gorgeous Purple Accent Chair

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Yellow And Purple Accent Chair

Purple accent chair will be very nice and cool in your purple room design, it will bring cool and calm feeling to the room as its focal point. For a room with purple accent chair, choose a monochromatic scheme, i.e. a collection of shades that are within same family of purple. Shades like violet, lavender, and blue-violet create a monochromatic decor and wonderful good in room. Pair these shades with hints of gray, such as a rug or cushions.

Colors evenly spaced around color wheel, such as purple, orange and green are considered triadic colors. Use gray accent along with orange and green in a room with purple accent chair. One way is to have lamps with green screens and silver bases and an upholstered chair in a green cloth. Place an orange pad and a gray chair and highlight details. Choose same shade of gray or dark purple you used on your walls for your window curtains.

To create depth and interest in a room, choose two or three shades of pink and purple. Contrast each other bright and vibrant colors and complements color pastel pink with a purple color having a slightly pink hue. Choose one or two further neutral colors such as white or cream, to balance look of room with purple accent chair, as they are subtle and do not interfere with color scheme.

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