Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas That Are Really Adjustable

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Gender Neutral Nursery Pictures

For those who do not want to mistaken on applying the right theme for the baby nursery, they can apply gender neutral nursery ideas which are totally adjustable. The ideas are always versatile and flexible, can be used both for boy and girl. First, white is always good and effective for both boy and girl, because white is indeed so neutral and it can be combined with any color when you want to do some decorations, renovations and remodeling. Play with this subtle and modest look will make the decoration and accessories ideas, furniture will be easier and fast.

Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas That Are Cheerful and Playful

Second idea is to apply the cheerful and playful themes for the ideas can be right choices. You can play with some cute paper lampions that you hang on ceiling above the crib, and then you can install wallpapers with childish themes which are still neutral, like balloons, candies and other neutral motifs and accents, also other childish themes which you can find. Then, this idea focuses on inserting and applying the things and elements which are neutral both for boy and girl, things which both girls and boys like.

Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas Themes That Are Meaningful

Third idea is indeed good for those who want to make meaningful nurseries, because you can play with pictures and sayings. If you are planning on making customized crib, you can make the crib that is designed with some sayings from you for the babies, and then you can hang frame with beautiful words from parents, wishes, hopes and prayers from you for the babies that you display on the walls on simple frames. You also can hang some pictures of your babies and show how you notice and concern of your baby’s growth. If you like, you can add some neutral simple accents like trees which can be used both for boys and girls that richen the look.

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