Garage Door Decorative Hardware

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Top Garage Door Decorative Hardware

Garage door decorative hardware beautiful wooden decks can add value to your home immediately. Unfortunately, real wood doors can cost a small fortune. The painting, however, costs very little and can transform your boring white garage doors in a weekend. Faux painting your garage is much like faux painting any other part of your home. Use a little creativity and experiment until you get it just right. Your neighbors will be impressed.

Power washes the garage door decorative hardware. Power washers can be rented for hours at a local rental center. Use low grip tape and paper to protect areas you do not want painted. Remove the glass and decorative hardware of the garage door. Use a roller to apply primer tinted. Ask your local store home improvement add dye to a regular can of hate primer.

Roll a base coat of brown paint. Mix four parts glaze to one part paint. Add more enamel or paint more to the consistency you like. Dip two cloths in water and sound until only damp. Start by cleaning the garage door with a clean damp cloth to clean off the paint mixture, creating the effect of imitation wood. Faux finish is an artistic process. Continue to clean the paint mixing in and out until you get the perfect look garage door decorative hardware.

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