Cultured Marble Shower Walls

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Cultured Marble Shower Walls Colors

Cultured Marble Shower Walls-A common type of material used in house building when the budget canâ  t handle real marble, cultured marble is a material similar look that is created by the infusion of a material based plastic with stone dust. The end result is a hard, plastic that looks exactly like marble, but it costs only a fraction of the price.

completing cultured marble shower walls usually done in a day, provided you have free time and access to the necessary tools. Establish an area cut out of the house, as you donâ  t want the dust to fill the house. Measure walls with a tape measure and a pencil and draw these measurements on a piece of paper. Go outside and check your cultured marble pieces with pencil and tape measure.

Cut pieces along the lines of chalk and then clean the back of the pieces with an old towel soaked in alcohol. Paste cultured marble sheets on the installation surface with a clear, silicone based   to apply the adhesive. Applying cultured marble shower walls installation surface or the back of the sheets of marble,

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