Cool Teenager Bunk Beds

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White Teenager Bunk Beds

Teenager bunk beds – bunk beds are ideal for teens that share a room, often have overnight guests or want to free up floor space with a loft bed. The room should reflect the teen resides there, and does not look or feel like a bunk bedroom for a little kid. Use colors, textures and accessories that teenagers consider to be cool to create a space that he and his friends will want to hang out and relax in.

Make cool teenager bunk beds, paint the walls to create a background for the bunk and add interest to the room. Neutral colors such as beige, gray or cream, work for teens who update their decor frequently. Bright colors or patterns, such as lime green and turquoise stripes, can add interest and energy to the room if the teen will not tire of the colors. Another alternative is to paint a wall a bold or dark color and the other walls a neutral color.

Arrange furniture so there is enough space to safely get on and off the top bunk. A long shelf beside the bed can serve as a nightstand kind of bottom and top bunk. Place an entertainment center or dresser with a TV on the wall opposite the bed so the teen can comfortably watch TV from the teenager bunk beds. Add a couple of small chairs or storage ottomans provide extra seating. Use bright colors or funky patterns, such as leopard or zebra print, supplementing teenager style.

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