Contemporary Upholstery Fabric

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Contemporary Geometric Upholstery Fabric

Contemporary Upholstery FabricThe comfort of a sofa is determined by all the elements that compose it, as are the structure, internal foam and fabric or upholstery used for the external coating. It is precisely this last element that you want to talk about today. Fabric. The skin of your couch. In the market you can find an almost infinite range

Today we will discuss the 4 main types of contemporary upholstery fabric upholstery we use in Gallery Moreno and are also virtually standard upholstery. Velvet is, in many ways, a dream for upholstery. This strong and resistant fabric has a stylish look. Without much effort it provides us with style and sophistication. It is a very cozy fabric because of its soft texture, this fabric as it practically begs you to sit in it.

Contemporary upholstery fabric is often confused with coronas when in reality far as to what they have to offer. The leatherette is very similar to leather, more economical and malleable; the disadvantage is that at a time, usually crack or flake surface, especially in places where there is much friction. It is very susceptible to nail the animals, and the hooks can be fatal as it breaks easily. In Moreno Gallery we do not use this material.

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