Build Own Glass Bookcase In The Wall

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Glass Bookcase Ideas

Glass bookcase will be very interesting you should have, which will be very good to add nicer look in your home with nice glass design to love by everyone. The glass bookcase in the wall provides a modern look to a room, plus they are handy for storing books or small decorative objects.


  1. Purchase shelf brackets having an upper flange on the end to hold the shelf in place. Glass is more slippery than wood, so you need additional security.
  2. Find the columns on your wall. These are vertical wooden boards that extend the length of the wall. Turn the search column and hold it at the left side of the wall.
  3. Hold a level on the wall where you want to place the glass bookcase. A level has a water bubble in indicating whether the level is tilted or right. When you have a uniform, horizontal line marks an accurate pencil points on the columns where you want to set the shelf.
  4. Consider choosing supports for shelf that are the same color as the wall because glass is transparent and therefore will be the supports. The brackets that are the same color as the wall call less attention, making people look at the shelf of glass and what is in it.
  5. Center the shelf of glass bookcase on top of the brackets; make sure it does not slide. Place small decorations or books on top of the shelf.
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