Build Home Bar Cabinet Outside For Kitchen

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Corner Home Bar Cabinet

Kitchen cabinets can make a comfortable bar. Standard kitchen cabinets are 34-1 / 2 inches high. Custom order to accommodate high bar chairs cabinet, if you do not mind dramatically increase the price of your project. If you’re trying to save money while build home bar cabinet an attractive, used kitchen cabinets; the only difference is the height of the bar. Dial the point where you are building home bar cabinet. Set the cabinets in place and put tape around the perimeter of each cabinet to mark your place. Lifting and moving the cabinets.

Mount the cabinets as they are installed home bar cabinet. Open the cabinet doors and cabinet parts connected together. Drive cover screws through the side panels, connects to the panel that will sit next to him. Spread adhesive construction 3 in the back of the end panels and press into place.

Measure and cut four pieces of 6 inches in two by four and put them on the floor just inside each corner of the tape mark. Run cord construction adhesive along the top of the plywood. Setting the counter in place. Must be at least 10-1 / 2 inches wider than the cabinets to accommodate a chair.

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